“Leaving Home”

“Leaving Home” is a video montage based on film footage shot a century ago. It is fourth of four such montages in the video presentation “Answering the Call”, now touring the province as part of the Royal BC Museum’s travelling exhibition “British Columbia’s War, 1914-1918”. The presentation draws on almost an hour of rare film footage shot in BC during the First World War. This material shows troops in training at Victoria, Vancouver and Comox, before their departure for eastern Canada, England, and the battlefields of Europe.

“Leaving Home” features stages in the actual departures of various BC units. The 102nd (“North British Columbian”) Battalion is shown marching along the beach from their Goose Spit training camp and through Comox. In Victoria’s Inner Harbour, troops from unidentified units board steamships to travel to the mainland. And Company D of the 196th (“Western Universities”) Battalion is shown arriving at the Canadian Pacific Railway Station on the Vancouver waterfront.

The orchestral music used in this montage is an orchestral piece entitled “Freedom” by the New York composer Richard Einhorn.


On Belleville Street, Victoria, ca. 1914-16. (Digital frame grab from “Leaving Home”)

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