“Sudbury II” joins the IT&B fleet (1958-59)

Here’s another clip from Saga of the Sudburys.

These excerpts from the Island Tug and Barge promotional film feature the powerful deep-sea salvage tug Sudbury II (ex-Caledonian Salvor), which joins the IT&B fleet in Victoria in 1958. In the summer of 1959, she undertakes her first assignment: towing the Liberty ships Carole Lombard and Henderson Luelling to Japan and the breaker’s yard.

The SS Carole Lombard was launched in January 1944, two years after the death of her namesake, the popular American film actress and comedienne. Lombard, aged 33, was killed in a commercial airplane crash while returning from a War Bonds promotion tour.

This is an edited excerpt from Saga of the Sudburys (Parry Films ltd., 1960), BC Archives film item AAAA2659 at the Royal BC Museum.

For an earlier post from the same film, see The Last Voyage of the “Straits Maru” (1956).

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