Greenwood and Phoenix, BC (ca. 1939)


This video clip comprises edited excerpts from silent 16 mm film footage shot by Vancouver filmmaker Alfred E. Booth (1892-1977). In the 1930s and 1940s, Booth travelled extensively in the BC Interior, shooting footage of the various regions and communities, including their amenities, businesses, and people. The first sequence (0:071:21) shows the main street of Greenwood, local residents, and a visiting baseball team. The segment from 1:22 to 3:15 is thought to depict the site of the abandoned mining town of Phoenix. (At 1:221:45, there are two shots showing an unidentified structure.) Following 3:16, the locations of the painting, farming and river scenes are unknown. The source film is the compilation reel “[Kootenay-Boundary area] : [footage and out-takes],” one of 39 film reels in the Alfred E. Booth fonds at the BC Archives.

3 thoughts on “Greenwood and Phoenix, BC (ca. 1939)

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