At play—and work—in the Central Okanagan (mid-1940s)

During the Second World War, the BC Government Travel Bureau launched an ambitious program of in-house film production.  The Bureau’s Photographic Branch shot 16 mm colour footage on Vancouver Island and throughout the southern Interior.  This material would be fashioned into several colour-and-sound travelogues highlighting the province’s major regions and local attractions.  Most of these films were finished and released in the early postwar years, when the filming program was also extended to northern and central BC, the Hope-Princeton Highway, the Alaska Highway, and the route of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway.

Some of the wartime footage appeared in The Okanagan Valley: British Columbia’s Orchard Playground (1943-47).  The edited excerpts above include scenes from Kelowna and Summerland, with glimpses of Peachland and Naramata.  They highlight the Kelowna Regatta and the packing of apples by female workers at a packing house.  For a description of the complete film, see BC Archives AAAA2464.

Excerpts from this and the other BCGTB travelogues of the 1940s and 1950s are featured on the RBCM DVD release, Evergreen Playland:  A Road Trip through British Columbia (2008).

Kelowna. Aquaplaning On Okanagan Lake, 1943.

Kelowna; Aquaplaning On Okanagan Lake, 1943. This photo was taken by the Travel Bureau crew while shooting footage for “The Okanagan Valley”. (BC Archives I-29928, detail)

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