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Placer gold mining at Dease Lake, BC, ca. 1933-35

When playing this video, please make sure that you have the CC (closed captioning) feature turned on to see identification of people, places, and activities.

Amateur footage of a gold mining operation near the mouth of Thibert Creek, Dease Lake, BC, by Three Js Placer Miners, Inc. It was filmed ca. 1933-35 by Joseph J. Jackson, source of the three Js in the company name.

The footage excerpted here shows the shipping of supplies up Dease Lake from Dease Landing to Porter Landing; the company’s property near the mouth of Thibert Creek; and Jackson’s crew of miners at work. One especially interesting feature of the footage is its depiction of the unique and often jerry-built equipment used on-site.



Joe Jackson at his Thibert Creek placer claim, ca. 1934. (Digital frame grab)



Taking mats from the sluice box. (Jackson photo from MS-2954)



Panning out material from a rocker box. (Jackson photo from MS-2954)



The main Three Js cabin at Thibert Creek. (Jackson photo from MS-2954)

Christmas with Kinoshita

The homey opening scene from Keisuke Kinoshita’s Morning for the Osone Family (1946) shows the members of a liberal, artistic Japanese family (the one of the title) celebrating Christmas Eve in 1943—just before World War II encroaches on their home life, in the form of a corrupt, militaristic, domineering relative. From the Criterion/Eclipse box set Kinoshita and World War II.

Valhalla Patrol (1959)

Here’s a seasonally-appropriate snowy adventure, filmed high in the West Kootenays!

In this clip from Valhalla Patrol, a 1959 BC Power Commission film, workers patrol an essential power line crossing the snow-covered mountains between Lower Arrow Lake and Slocan Lake. These excerpts show the crew traveling in a Sno-Cat over-snow vehicle from the 1,500-foot level to the 6,750-foot summit of the power line.